Resolution of Real Estate and Related Disputes in New York

At Rosenberg & Estis, P.C., we consider each client’s situation from a business perspective as well as a legal one. When it comes to New York real estate litigation, our attorneys have earned their reputation as skilled, resourceful and tough opponents with the experience and knowledge to take cases to trial. At the same time, we are dedicated to resolving your matter cost-effectively, so we strive to resolve conflicts out of court whenever possible.

Experience Spanning a Wide Breadth of Real Estate Contract Issues

Our real estate and commercial litigation practice spans the breadth of contractual issues from sophisticated financing matters to leasing disputes. We represent owners, lessees, not-for-profit corporations, educational institutions, developers, and lenders in state and federal courts.

Because we also draft, review and negotiate every type of real estate contract, we understand every aspect of these contracts. Therefore, we can enforce or challenge contracts and can represent you in litigation involving the interpretation of lease clauses, in applications for injunctive relief, in monetary claims including those seeking damages, and for breach of contract.

Drawing on Unparalleled Knowledge to Address Risks

We advise our clients about the benefits and/or risks of acquiring a property or entering into a commercial lease. We review the enforceability of default clauses, the likelihood of being able to pierce the corporate veil, insurance obligations, and claims of unjust enrichment. Because of our unparalleled knowledge of the New York real estate market, we are able to offer excellent and aggressive representation in highly complex contract disputes.

Addressing High-Stakes Contract Claims

We can protect your rights and vigorously pursue your interests in the New York courts, the federal courts and before administrative agencies, in issues such as:

Your lawyer from Rosenberg & Estis, P.C. can also help you decide whether to purchase a property or enter into or renew a commercial lease in the first place, and we will ensure you understand the purpose and enforceability of your contract, lease or settlement agreement.

Benefitting Clients with Our Wealth of Experience

Since 1975, our team has built a respected reputation as experienced and knowledgeable leaders in the area of New York real estate law.