Co-op / Condo

At the start of 2018, Rosenberg & Estis established a Cooperative and Condominium Department under the leadership of Jonathan S. Hacker, member highlighting our continued commitment to providing clients with superior legal representation in an area which incorporates a broad range of legal and financial expertise. Creating this department has strengthened our breadth of experience and has further distinguished Rosenberg & Estis as New York City's one-stop shop for all aspects of legal real estate representation.

The Cooperative and Condominium Department, with contributions from transactional and litigation counsel, Howard W. Kingsley, Richard L. Sussman, Larry R. Mergentime, Adam J. Lindenbaum, Kamilla Bogdanov, Robert M. Kessler, provides outstanding, timely and cost-effective legal representation for clients faced with complex challenges.

With extensive industry experience and proficiency in cooperative and condomininium law, we successfully represent sponsors, developers and lenders with interests in the development, financing and operations of whole ownership and fractional ownership offerings and related interests, both within and outside the State of New York.

Our services include:

  • Representing sponsors and developers of cooperative and condominium offerings involving residential, commercial and mixed-use cooperative and condominium projects, as well as fractional interest projects within and outside New York State
  • Conveyancing of all types of real property, including the acquisition and sale of packages of diverse portfolio assets
  • Mortgage and mezzanine financing and private equity offerings involving cooperative and condominium assets