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  1. All employees must complete a health screening questionnaire each morning and submit to the Human Resources Department prior to your arrival to the office. Your completed questionnaire will be kept confidential. The same applies to any visitors.
  2. If an employee becomes ill while in the workplace, the employee will be sent home immediately to self-quarantine for 14 days. The Human Resources Department will confidentially speak to the employee to get a list of who they were in contact with prior to their illness and will notify those individuals of the same. The firm will also notify Building Management and the Department of Health. The firm will then do a deep sanitization and disinfection of the office space.
  3. Must wear masks in all common areas (the firm will provide paper masks for inside the office and N95 masks for those using public transportation)
  4. Gloves will be available and provided to all
  5. All non-office doors except bathrooms will be left open
  6. All bathrooms will be stocked with antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer
  7. Sanitizers/disposable wipes on every desk and in main areas (reception)
  8. Staff will not be required to swipe in or out using the ADP time clocks
  9. No in person meetings – Zoom only
  10. Staff members will have 6ft between their respective workstations
  11. All IT related issues will initially be handled remotely by IT staff and if they need to go to your respective desks, IT personnel will wear appropriate mask and gloves. Employee will be responsible to wipe their desk prior to the IT personnel arriving and IT personnel will wipe your desk once they resolve the IT issue.
  12. Disinfect/sanitize packages for all incoming mail
  13. Mail drop-off and pick-up will be handled by Office Services personnel who will always wear gloves and a mask
  14. Limit hallway traffic; keep hallway traffic in 1 direction using arrows and have six-foot dividers in centralized locations (e.g. copiers)
  15. Breakrooms will be open but not for eating lunch. Food will be consumed at each person’s desk. We will adhere to social distancing guidelines when entering the breakroom.
  16. Deep cleaning (outside vendor) of space before all return to workplace
  17. Ongoing cleaning throughout the day by Office Services personnel which we had started to do; separate receptacles on each floor for used and disposable masks and gloves
  18. Use of 12th floor terrace with social distancing
  19. No visitors/vendors to office
  20. Provide a confidential platform for all employees to discuss concerns re: returning to the office

R&E’s Return to Workplace Employee COVID Screening Questionnaire

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