New York Multifamily Summit (Zachary J. Rothken as Moderator)

by | Oct 12, 2023 | R&E Events

Zachary J. Rothken, Head of R&E’s Administrative Law Department, moderated the panel – “All the Way to the Supreme Court: Navigating the Challenges in the Rent-Stabilized Apartment Rental Market” – at Greenpearl’s New York Multifamily Summit. With a practice focused on counseling owners and operators on properties subject to rent stabilization, Zachary led the discussion with first-hand knowledge of leading issues surrounding rent stabilization in NYC, including the burden of financing and operating costs on building owners, over-regulation and its impact on the free market, and draconian, short-sighted policies which contribute to the City’s growing housing shortage. The panel also addressed a range of legislative issues emerging out of Albany, such as the Regina repealer bills and the DHCR proposed code amendments. In addition to regularly writing publications and issuing industry updates across these topics, Zachary has been invited to speak on a host of webinars, podcasts and conferences as a leading resource within New York’s administrative and regulatory sectors.