Coop-Condo Corner: Best Practices for Auctioning an NYC Apartment, with Matthew E. Eiben – Inside R&E Podcast

by | May 5, 2023 | Podcast

In this episode of Inside R&E, Matthew E. Eiben, R&E Of Counsel, debuts his Coop – Condo Corner segment with Matthew Mannion, COO & Auctioneer, for an exclusive look at the auctioning process. Together they offer a high-level explanation of the major steps involved in auctioning an apartment, including the legal process (rent demand, notice of termination, summary proceeding and eviction), service of a notice of sale, and the auction itself.

Matthew Eiben’s practice is concentrated in representation of landlords, developers, boards of directors and managers of cooperatives and condominiums, in connection with complex residential and commercial real estate litigation, and construction litigation. He brings a result-oriented approach to litigation by blending aggressive advocacy for his clients with creative and pragmatic litigation strategies.

For any questions related to this episode, contact Matthew at [email protected] or (212) 551-1233.

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