Local Law 55: All Buildings Lease Package Allergen Documents

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Industry Updates

Local Law 55 of 2018 imposed several new obligations on multifamily rental apartment building owners. Local Law 55 directs owners to:

  • annually inspect apartments for indoor allergen hazards; and
  • deliver a notice as part of all leases, both vacancy and renewal leases, setting forth the owner’s obligations imposed by Local Law 55; and
  • directs HPD and the Department of Health (“DoH”) to promulgate a form of certification for vacancy leases, whereby owners certify that the apartment does not contain any indoor allergen as defined by Local Law 55; and
  • directs the DoH and HPD to draft a “pamphlet” describing indoor allergen hazards and owners’ obligations under Local Law 55.

The DoH has now released the two-page indoor allergen informational pamphlet/notice as mandated by Local Law 55. Therefore, starting immediately, your vacancy lease documentation must include the HPD approved notice to tenants (in English and Spanish), the signed inspection Certification, and the two-page DoH pamphlet. Your renewal leases should include the notice to tenants in English and Spanish and the DoH informational notice/pamphlet (but a signature of the Certification is not required).

If you have questions regarding any of the foregoing, please feel free to contact us.