Appellate Law

Who We Are

The right outcome on an appeal can change the world — or at least the world of New York real estate.

Resolving conflicts involving New York real estate quickly and efficiently is our primary goal and our trial lawyers are some of the best in the country, however, when a regulatory decision or court case does not go our way, R&E's appellate team steps up.

Why Join the Rosenberg & Estis Appeals Team?

Our appellate attorneys are experienced, meticulous, and dedicated to achieving justice for our clients. We are responsible for appellate rulings that have changed the world of New York real estate forever, and are eager to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Our litigators don’t just win appeals; they make law in groundbreaking decisions. Rosenberg & Estis represents clients in New York State and federal courts, covering all areas of real estate, including property valuation, rent regulation, landlord-tenant disputes, Mitchell-Lama housing issues, lease disputes, brokerage disputes, condemnation and constitutional law. Our firm is the "go to" firm for industry groups, such as the RSA, CHIP and REBNY, to act as amicus curiae counsel in appeals vital to New York’s real estate industry.

We have taken client appeals before New York's county courts, Supreme Court Appellate Terms, the Appellate Division and the Court of Appeals, and at the federal level, we handle agency appeals and argue before the district courts, circuit courts and the U.S. Supreme Court, and our appeals team has the skills and resources to help you become a premier appellate attorney.

Meet Our Department Leader

Jeffrey Turkel, Member

Breadth of Representation Includes:

  • 2nd Circuit
  • Court of Appeals
  • Appellate Division
  • Appellate Term