On February 15, 2018 at The New York Academy of Sciences, Richard L. Sussman moderated a panel discussion on the Strategies for Financing in a New Era: Borrower & Lender Perspectives

During this panel discussion Richard asked a series of questions which lead to some tremendous and engaging conversations. The first topic was about the widely agreed upon notion that property markets have more or less peaked in the current cycle, but they remain stable. Richard invited panelists to weigh in on their assessment of this idea and then asked them to assess which market segments might see the most opportunity.

Richard L Sussman Moderating Feb2018

Next, Richard turned the conversation towards the move from urban development to suburban or "urban/suburban" models and the demographic, economic and other reasons therefore. Richard's follow up questions lead to a discussion about current financing trends in that traditional construction financing has become increasingly difficult to obtain. He encouraged panelists to offer predictions on the types of projects lenders are most willing to fund in this environment and whether there are development segments that will simply go untouched.

Richard L Sussman Moderating Feb2018 2

Finally, Richard facilitated a discussion about some of the strategies and/or alternatives organizations might use to obtain the capital required to complete their capital stack, such as, equity partnerships with other developers or mezz/pref lending from institutions (and sometimes, even rival developers in coordination with institutional first mortgages).

Richard L Sussman Moderating Feb2018 3

The conversation concluded with Richard asking the group about their thoughts on the New 421-a program, the absence of bond financing for mixed-use projects, the new federal tax law and, ultimately, how these government policies might affect development in the upcoming few years.